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At a mere 325 months of age (a year older than Google) and sharing a birthday with Dick Cheney, I began my journey organizing sound by blowing into tubes back in 2007, before deciding to rub horse hair against metal. A few years later, I started organizing sound inside the computer and getting ever more authoritarian about 1s, 0s, and investigating the meaning of humanity.


Additional Adventures


A sampling of different endeavors over the years. I used to go by a different name. These include a SoundCloud in a variety of genres, as well as a stroke epidemiology paper I coauthored and a series of survey questions I contributed to an initiative at the University of Toronto to investigate motivations to seek art. To view the open-source project where I have made contributions (added the ability to create custom decay curves and made documentation more descriptive), please visit the Tone.js website.



Socials and Streaming